Is it OK for My personal girl as by yourself with man Friends?

Reader matter:

Is it okay for my personal girlfriend are by yourself with a guy pal performing various tasks?

She’s got a man buddy she hikes alone with and another male buddy she goes operating with. She’s informed me often she’s got no desire for him romantically, but I’m sure she discovers him physically appealing.

I also heard through among the girl neighbors the man she goes climbing with has actually a crush on the.

Should I inform her to eliminate spending only time with them, or am I becoming vulnerable?

-Mark (Arizona)

Gina Stewart’s alternative:

You should never inform your sweetheart what she will or cannot carry out. You are going to set yourself up for even more problems in your union.

Nor in the event you only have to consume it and feel terrible. What you’re experiencing is actually actual and needs become addressed through communication.

Confer with your girlfriend in what you’re feeling and why, but exercise in a confident method, inquiring her input on exactly how to go about resolving the situation.

In proper relationship, she’s going to respect that she’s got some power over how you feel and certainly will need help suppress that obtainable.

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